Wikipedia defines  Social Media Analytics as  the process of gathering data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses

“it furthers explain it as Social Media Analytics is the art and science of extracting valuable hidden insights from vast amounts of semi-structured and unstructured social media data to enable informed and insightful decision making, using sophisticated tools and techniques.

Today I will be sharing the tools and techniques used in social media analytics



Buffer ranks top among the free social media analytics tools. All the social engagement statistics on every post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can be found on buffer.

Google Analytics:

The major use of Google Analytics is for monitoring behavior of traffic on your website. It is a free web analytics service powered by Google to track, analyze and report website traffic


Hootsuite is one the freemium social media analytics, it is a social media management  platform that allows users to  schedules social media posts to any page of Facebook, twitter, instagramm, word press, LinkedIn, Google plus. It helps you to find audience, send targeted campaigns to your discovered market. It gives a weekly updated report on your social analytics.


Another tool worth mentioning is Followerwonk. This tool is used on twitter. It gives details of your followers and their activities and you can also view the information on followers and following. It shows statistics on your followers online, your posts and the categories of followers like their social authority ,total tweets and their follower count.


You can use SocialRank to get statistics on your average number of retweets and likes on Twitter or Instagram. Also it can states most used hashtags, words and emojis for followers and those you are following. You can see followers’ location, when active and the type of post they share

Social Mention:

This a platform that provides real-time search and analysis on social media. It organizes top keywords, hashtag and site into a single stream.

Google Alerts:

for an in-depth analytics platform, Google Alerts needs mentioning. It informs you whenever your brand, services or your competitors in the industry is mentioned online based on the alert you would have set. It is tool for online PR and also good to know the type of topical content your audience are discussing and for you to share with them.


This is fantastic tools that creates a custom all-in-one dash board that monitors  and analyses statistics found from most marketing tools and gives a social feed from a single location in real-time. It gives overview reports on the account you manage and the want you to follow.


This is a dashboard tool that comes with customized widgets to suite your needs and track the data that matters to you . it covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google plus and YouTube. It is freemium platforms( i.e there is paid and free versions)



The last social media analytics tool that is worth mentioning is Klout. It is a tool that works with your profile and pages across some major social media channels. There is a score that measures your impact online which tells about your standing and the relevancy about your content to share as well authors to puts together a score ranging from 0-100 on your influence on social media.


The next article will talk about inbuilt social media analytics tools such as:

  • Facebook insight
  • Twitter analytics
  • Pininterest analytics
  • Instagram insight
  • Youtube analytics
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • Google influence